The Olsson Ruby. 277 likes. Swedish made. Sturdy and strong. The Olsson Ruby is a unique nozzle for 3D printers, designed to print highly abrasive materials while retaining the excellent heat


The Olsson Ruby One nozzle for all materials . the Olsson Ruby The High Temp Ruby . Delivers great results with standard plastics as well as with abrasive materials.

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The strength and abrasive resistance of the Ruby nozzle enables makers to print kilograms of carbon fiber filament with zero signs of wear on the nozzle. The Olsson Ruby nozzle is manufactured by the Swedish company 3DVerkstan with more than 20 years of experience in the world of 3D printing and has a great international reputation as it collaborates with leading companies such as FormLabs and Ultimaker. Learn how to install an Olsson Ruby nozzle on your printer and the changes to your slicer settings to produce successful prints.In this video tutorial, I dem Olsson Ruby Nozzle - High Output - 2.85mm x 0.80mm. $90.00. learn more Add to Cart.

The Olsson Ruby. 294 gillar detta.

Olsson Ruby Nozzle - 1.75mm x 0.80mm. Regular Olsson Ruby Nozzle - 2.85 mm x 0.60mm. Regular Olsson Ruby High Output Nozzle - 1.75mm x 0.40mm.

Genuine Olsson Ruby Nozzle - 1.75mm x 0.40mm (3DV0023) Brand: Olsson Ruby. 3.4 out of 5 stars 17 ratings. Currently unavailable.

Olsson ruby nozzle

The Olsson Ruby is one nozzle for all materials. It has an integrated Ruby into a brass nozzle to create the ultimate high performance nozzle that will not wear from nearly any material. The Olsson Ruby will work with a huge range of materials including PLA, ABS, CPE/PET, Nylon, Composites, Steel, Wood and many others.

As the name suggests, the high temp version is designed to print high temperature materials. It supports printing temperatures for up to 500C, making materials such as Carbon-filled PEEK or Ultem possible to print.

Olsson ruby nozzle

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Nozzle Gas · 302-540-3881. Shelbey Lampa Gustave Olsson.

The Olsson Ruby is a unique nozzle for 3D printers, designed to print highly abrasive materials while retaining the excellent heat The Olsson Ruby. 281 likes. Swedish made. Sturdy and strong.
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3DVerkstan tävlar i kategorin TCT Hardware Award 2018 med sin “The Olsson Ruby nozzle”. Denna kan bland annat arbeta med ett flertal 

The Olsson Ruby works with a huge range of materials: PLA, ABS, CPE/PET, Nylon, and composites with abrasive additives such as Carbon fibre, Steel, Wood, Boron Carbide, Tungsten and Phosphorescent pigment, are some of the materials successfully tested so far. This is a heavy duty nozzle, make s Born from the same demanding lab that gave us the Olsson heater block, the Olsson Ruby 3D printer nozzle is the most wear resistant nozzle on the market. Developed for use while printing extremely abrasive Boron Carbide filament, the Olsson Ruby prints kilograms of even the most abrasive consumer filaments with no visible signs of wear. The Olsson Ruby is a high-quality wear resistant nozzle by 3DVERKSTAN. It's designed to print highly abrasive materials while retaining the excellent heat conductivity of brass. Be careful: If you are replacing the Olsson Ruby nozzle, please visit this website for instructions, otherwise you might damage it! Thank you for purchasing the Olsson Ruby Nozzle!